January 2014 Photos  

An information-packed Traders’ Summit!

Our fifth Summit in Las Vegas was filled with systems and strategies…

January 2014 Photos


What can you expect when you come to the Traders Summit?

Find out from the people who have gone before!

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Right from the source…

Learn the secrets directly from market professionals. Live trading demonstrations with real money right in front of you.

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The summit is a live event where you can talk with like-minded foreign currencies traders, both professional and in-training. It's similar to the discussions we have online, but together in person. We do some live trading and have some activities that illustrate concepts in forex trading.

We're looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and having a great time with everyone discussing and describing currency trading.

See you there!

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San Francisco State University, Jack Adams Hall, 1650 Holloway Ave, San Francisco, CA 94132
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Meet the Team

  • Shawn Lucas

    As Head Trader of the Apiary Investment Fund, it's Shawn's job to manage the live traders and allocation of money for both the trading and training aspects of the Apiary Fund.
  • Colton Chesnut

    As lead developer, Colton is responsible for coding the website and trading software that Apiary traders use on a daily basis.
  • Nate Allred

    Nate is a professional trader, recruiting director, and an instructor at the Apiary Fund who can be found in our live trading rooms calling out trade setups.
  • Ron Evans

    Ron is a Risk Manager for the Apiary Investment Fund. He will interview traders and help them as they make the transition from virtual to live money accounts.
  • Todd Granthem

    Todd is a forex trading instructor for the Apiary Fund. He presents the "Daily Forex Fanatic" as well as other live trading demonstrations and technical lessons.
Meet the Rest of the Team

The Apiary Fund

The Apiary Investment Fund is a group of traders that take a crowdsourced approach to money management. We usually talk to each other through our site, apiaryfund.com, but a couple times a year, we get together in a live venue. That's the Summit!

If you've never heard of us, check out ApiaryFund.com to see what the buzz is all about and see if you can get involved!