Thanks to everyone who attended. It was a great time!

What is the Apiary Fund Summit all about?

It’s 3 Days of Live, In-Person Currencies Training with Apiary Fund Instructors and Risk Managers. At a Traders’ Summit, you can expect to meet and talk with like-minded foreign currencies traders, both professional and in-training. It will be similar to the discussions we have online, but together in person. We’ll do some live trading and we’ll have some activities that illustrate concepts in forex trading… and the cost is only $597 per seat!

Here’s some photos from past Traders’ Summits:

As you can see, there’s a lot of learning and networking that goes on. If you’ve ever been to a seminar, you know this type of event usually costs an arm and a leg. We keep it cheap because we know the camaraderie and knowledge-sharing will produce better traders and a stronger community in the Apiary Fund.

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