Photos from January 2014

This Summit was all about systems: the rules that determine when you get in and out of a trade. Shawn gave a presentation explaining the importance of having a “trading playbook” filled with various strategies that work in different market conditions. When the conditions change, you switch to the right strategy for it.

On the first day, Todd showed a divergence strategy, Nate explained a pullback strategy, and Jeff started explaining how he programs decisions based on a field of possible outcomes. Tuesday began with live trading from Nate and Todd, followed by a continuation of Jeff’s advanced system. Ron showed the rules of a Bollinger band trade, Todd explained a scalping strategy using Renko charts, and Shawn gave a presentation on creating your trading business. At the end of the day, there was a Q&A session with all the presenters. The final day began with some competitive live trading between Jeff and Shawn. Ron showed a variation of the pullback trade specific to the 5 minute GBPUSD and Shawn explained a concept of support and resistance that he has deemed “Lucas Lines.” Nate gave his experience with the reality of trading for a living and Jeff wrapped up his advanced system of planning for a bell curve of probability.

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