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The summit was amazing. It was even better than I anticipated. It was worth every bit of sacrifice I had to give to free up my time to spend the 3 days here. I gained so, so much valuable information and it really empowered me to believe that I can do this. It was able to really simplify it and to give me some virtual examples of how the forex market works and it brought a lot of the pieces together for me.”

“One of the things that impresses me most about Apiary is the integrity of the company. Getting to interact with Shawn over the last three days has really shown me the kind of person he is. You can hear about his integrity, but when you actually get to see him face to face and interact with him you really feel it and believe it and you know that his motivations are real and it’s not just a business plan. He really wants to be able to help the average person and help make a difference in people’s lives. It’s just been a wonderful experience.”

– Kelly –  South Jordan, UT

I absolutely love it. I mean it’s hands on, and then the speakers are just speaking about the live market. That was an interesting demonstration.”

– Paul – Morongo Valley, CA




The coaching, all the questions that people ask and the answers were really all phenomenal.”

“Everybody is friendly. Everybody cares about every single person that is trained. And I’m very impressed with the quality of the seminar.”

– Leo – Victorville, CA



It’s really an eye opener about just how they’ve described the market and how it’s put together. The thing I think I like the best so far was when Shawn had everybody (the traders) stand up in the front with bid and ask signs and showed how the price moves up to resistance and then quickly goes down to support because it takes out all the trades in the middle and why it moves so fast when it’s in expansion and why in contraction it just sits there and doesn’t move much and it really gave me a picture of how the market moves. Like he said, it’s a story with the market.”

– Dorothy – Truckee, CA

I really like a lot of things. I love watching Shawn trade and I really love the teaching and just them explaining to us how they think and then how they approach their trading and then giving us these specific strategies and things to look for in the trading as we’re sitting there doing our own trading.”

“I really liked being here at the summit because it’s been great to get to watch Shawn trading live and to get to hear from Todd and thinking about how their thinking process is, how they set up their trades, and then the specific strategies and indicators that they’re looking for to help. When I’m looking at my own trading I can look at that and try to set up my own trades and entries and exits from that.”

“The summit has been great. Very friendly and it’s been fun to talk to other people. So many of us are new and we haven’t been trading for very long and people can share their own tips, worst trading advice, best trading advice, expert advisors that they enjoy, and just where they’re at in their learning experience as traders.”

“I would definitely recommend the Apiary Fund or Summit to a friend.”

– Jolene – Oceanside, CA

It’s like, I was all confused. I mean, sometimes I was bogged down with too much information, like, making it a rocket science out of nothing, and then when I came here I was able to zero in and it’s much simpler than it sounds like. And it works! I’ve just seen vivid proof.”

– Hector – Queens, NY


I think its definitely a plus and whoever’s serious about the process of becoming a professional trader, it should be part of their curriculum.”

– Nicolas – Montreal, Canada



Oh, I love it. I liked it so much because now I can feel the energy. I can see how real it is, the job of the Apiary fund. It’s very real, very tangible. They are real traders and I love that! When I ask something they are very open to give me the answer.”

– Jenaro – Imperial Beach, CA


I like a lot of things, starting with ones that are very important for me like the environment, the people, the kindness, and all this kind of stuff that makes life nice. And continuing with the technical aspect of my instruction, because I came here for a few reasons. One was to know the people. The people who lead this fund. Then I wanted to find answers to many of my questions that usually, some of them I ask in the trading room, but I wanted to talk live about them, and because it’s much simpler to have a face to face discussion. … But also, I talked to Shawn a lot about trading strategies and so on. I talked to Curtis. I talked to Nate. I talked to Julie, who recruited me … So, it was a very very nice opportunity for me not only to learn but it was a kind of change of my lifestyle being an engineer and taking time off to relax.”

– Constantin – San Jose, CA

What I’ve found is, in looking at all of the different professional traders on the panels and in watching the live trading, is that there are almost an infinite number of combinations of systems that you can develop. But the focus was on really figuring out what path you want to take. What system works for you and your personality type and really kind of honing that, developing a matrix around that, and then getting consistent. Each one of them, though they had different methods of operation, they each had consistency within the way they operate. So, that was interesting to me. I saw the practicality of that.”

“One of the things that it’s taught me, being here at the summit, or really helped my kind of ingrain into my thinking is ‘risk is manageable.’ And that risk management is really the most important part of being a successful trader.”

– Derron – Los Angeles, CA

The thing that I’ve liked about the summit is interacting with the other people. People that have little or no experience like myself and also people that have several years experience trading in the foreign exchange.”

“I would definitely recommend the Apiary Fund to people and I think if you’re going to invest in the Apiary Fund then one of the things you must do is come to the Summit.”

– Joe – Uniontown, OH

The amount of live trading as well as the explanation that’s going on when they’re able to do the live trading has been phenomenal. The emphasis on the risk management and even playing the game for the risk management aspect of it.”

“Yes, I would recommend it to other people.”

– Bruce – Severna Park, MD

I love the summit. It’s been so much fun. You get lots of coaching from different people. You learn different methods, different strategies. It’s been really fun.”

“It’s excellent. I love the summit. I’ve learned so much. I just get the best coaching. It’s well worth your time.”

– Kathy – Herriman, UT


Several things I like about the summit. First, when I started this it was a little bit lonely. You load the product. You’ve got an enormous amount of reading to do. It’s not all logical in your head. But I’ve gone through it. I’ve whistled through it in six weeks. I’ve done 10 of the 12 modules and it’s all cerebral. It’s not practice. I know having been here to the summit that the practice is maybe even more important than the reading. So, I’m inspired to change my tactic and that’s going to save me a lot of time in the long run because I would have been reading and reading and reading. I probably would have read myself to death.”

“… Second, another thing I like about it is that there’s a lot of camaraderie here. You know, you can tell by the people who work somewhere whether you’re going to like the product or not because you know they’re proud of it, and they’re all participating, and all involved, and that’s the way it is here. It’s nice to be part of it.”

– Anton – O’Fallon, MO